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April 19, 2009

Struggling man

This week of course was marked by the earth-shaking news of Eric Koston’s abrupt coop-flying from Lakai, a major departure from the usual team moves (for instance, Koston’s migration to Lakai only three short years ago) that are telegraphed months in advance by whimsically named personalities on the SLAP board. That Frost Man, with a Berrics/4-Star/Koston shoe company out of Podium apparently ruled out, is reported to be making the most of playing the footwear field amid talk of Nike and Vans shopping sprees. With the most likely scenario (at least in our limited imaginations here at BTO) being that Koston fell on the financial sword for his erstwhile partners in the Flare, taking his sizable paycheck off the table to let Lakai live in the means to which it has become accustomed despite a crushing economic downturn, this may be the last great deal Koston does, so why not grab the brass ring? One has to wonder if he watches Donny’s final, fatal missed strike and, hours later, wakes up sweating and tormented by visions of fakie 360 flip switch frontside boardslides and the damning realization that nothing is forever… before easing back into his giant pile of money and snuggling amongst his several comely concubines.

But yet, that wasn’t THE most shocking bit of recent news, nor was it this bit of batty baby boarding courtesy of Chris Cole, Pennsylvanian Barbarian. (via the Plat)

No no, it is the fact that the skate video project that dare not speak its name may indeed become a reality: Tactical Manual 2 is apparently in the works and will include a full Tyrone Olson part. Now, if you don’t remember Tactical Manual there isn’t much hope or help for you on the internet, except for Snyderman’s part on youtube along with another dude twirling a dolphin flip down some stairs. However, it is still available on VHS. I wonder if VCRs are like rotary-dial phones to “kids today.”