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Summertime Mixtape Vol. 7 — Frank Gerwer, ‘Cash Money Vagrant’

July 8, 2019

One hesitates to call any particular Frank Gerwer video part, or photo, or activity the definitive height of his powers, since such a statement presumes full knowledge of his powers in the first place, several of which have yet to be discovered and named by leading planytologists. All that being said, Frank Gerwer’s ‘Cash Money Vagrant’ part captures Six Newell’s most-benosed rogue at the height of his powers, freshly installed as Anti-Hero’s frontside crooker in chief, still much the yung chomper that kickflipped Wallenberg, here making early notches on Bay Area landmarks like Clipper and that one rail with the gap out in Oakland. His chain-link tailslide to postcard-worthy hill bomb in 2019 is looking like a cigar-chewing, nattily dressed grandpa to today’s screaming GX generation.

Peter Ramondetta May Be Just Three Wives, Two Plane Crashes And An Alcohol Problem Away From Being This Generation’s He-Man Skateboarder

May 16, 2011

Watching the Real video it’s hard not to be impressed by the primal forces of Peter Ramondetta’s skate tricks. Tattooed, bearded and occasionally bloodied, he applies a heavy-handed power to the switch ollie over that big gray hubba or the hurting he puts on those big cement steps (b/s 5-0, b/s nosegrind, switch b/s kickflip). Peter Ramondetta impresses himself on semi tractor trailors and doorways, jamming the nose of his board between pillars on that one frontside blunt. His one-man legacy of brutality is maybe highlighted most by several punishing tricks executed upon a girly pink ledge.

If you were to draw up a spectrum of such squishy concepts it would maybe be possible to put light-footed dandies such as Richard Mulder, Ronnie Creager and Austyn Gillette on one end and bruiser types such as Salman Agah, Mic-E Reyes and James Kelch on the other. You could appoint someone like Peter Ramondetta to carry on this line, a red-blooded male archetype rooted in the themes and lifestyle embodied by the animal-hunting writer Ernest Hemingway. He swilled liquor, loved women and upheld the ancient tradition of bull-slaying, a truly ancient tradition.

Peter Ramondetta has yet to make public his position on bulls and their potential slaying. This is not in the Real video, unless it’s in the bonus features not featured in my iTunes edition that doesn’t possess chapter divisions either. By all accounts his lifestyle has tamed since the days of squalor at Six Newell where Elissa Steamer and Frank Gerwer presided over a household of decay. Ramondetta is not famed as a trophy fisherman or dangerous game hunter, unless you count that downhill handrail toward the end and that last hill with the treacherous speed bumper and all those cars with their wheels turned curb-ward. But you get the feeling that, if the situation called for it, this dude has it in him to walk up to a group of reporters covering his supposed death, run down the situation and spend the next few days catching up on his own premature obituaries.

Six Shooter

April 13, 2008

Matt Milligan’s skateboard career was kind of a non-starter, which is too bad, because even though he was around from the pre-7 Year Glitch New Deal days it seemed like his skating got a lot more interesting around this time, when he wasn’t really riding for anyone and apparently being a full-time party animal (see also: SPOT site). Which is to say he probably deserved better than DNA, but who knows, maybe he was just a lazy drunk or something.

Anywho, this part from the little-seen but really pretty awesome Six Newell video from 2004 is really good–his frontside bigspins are right up there with the Carrolls and the frontside bigspinners of your choice, as far as I’m concerned, and he’s got a mellow way of skating that’s still kind of refreshing to see, even with the handrail hammer several years past us. Supposedly he had some footage in Shane Heyl’s “Shake Junt” vid, which I never saw, and I guess the same people who rebooted Rasa thought it would be a good idea to give Joel Meinholz a board again (lord knows why), so maybe a comeback’s not out of the question for Matt Milligan.