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8. Billy McFeely – ‘Solo Jazz’

December 23, 2013

If you were to try and map out a species-tree of East Coasters, a task possibly suited to such dudes as who made all the Wu-Tang Venn diagrams, there might be a slot for Billy McFeely somewhere in between Reese Forbes’ heavy-hoist ollies and the gangly switchstance of Jake Johnson. Bolstered by Peter Sidlauskas, probably the best video-maker working today, and one of the hottest government names this side of Jackson Hennessey, Billy McFeely (16:18 here if the Youtube coding fails) demonstrates a preference for the tall ledge, the switch 50-50 or backside noseblunt, pushing his tailslide a country mile or scootching lipslides across rugged steps. This dude seems like he gets better in every vid and can handle lobbing trickopedia knuckleballs like that hop up to the table out of the 50-50 grind. Last trick in his entry for ‘Solo Jazz,’ another internet platinum hit for Bronze, flashed me back to a classic from the early Lucas Puig playbook.