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Strop and Hone

March 4, 2010

Insert Gillette/razor sharp quip here

Habitat’s Austyn Gillette is fleet of foot, physically fit and growing nicely into the middle-aged face he sported for much of the “Inhabitants” video. Lately his main on-board pleasure seems to derive from frontside 180’ing into switch backside grinds, which is as good a way to pass the time as any. I thought his recent ‘day in the life’ clip was generally bland, not unlike oatmeal without any peanut butter or bananas, although the new school and pogo ball clips were cool. The above pic on the other hand, posted up a while back by the Razor Sharp gang, got my motor running. Not loving so much the flossy-foot but more how far along he is on this rather scary ledge, and the fact that Gillette is pushing the switch frontside noseslide — a trick that is generally underrated and underutilized, although his DNA compadres AVE and Arto both are big supporters.