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The gentle genius of Antwuan Dixon

May 5, 2008

occupation: skater

There’s been a lot of murmured Sean Sheffey comparisons bantered about Antwuan Dixon, which I guess are a product of his Tampa antics, “large” build (as per the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office) and carefree lifestyle. I see it, sort of, but whereas Sheffey was a beast the way he attacked shit on his board, Dixon is much more about sure-footed finesse. People like Pappalardo and Gino can keep their limbs quiet when they do tricks but it’s like Antwuan Dixon’s arms took a vow of silence. Or something. Either way he’s one of the very few skaters to come out in the last few years who doesn’t look like anybody else when he skates.

Between the steady diet of green and rumors of blasting rocks I can see why people might be concerned about a premature fade out for Dixon (another Sheffey comparison) but I think he’ll be okay. He’s got Reynolds to guide him. Time will tell of course, and if he shows up at Tampa in a couple years and strolls out to the middle of the park with a full six pack of beers, I may have to admit I’m wrong. But not until then.

Baker/Deathwish on Google video