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Theatre of Pain

August 10, 2009


Folded my ankle on a poorly planned bit of board flipping this weekend, so forgive my wanting to share the misery of this bone-crunching slam from Brian Anderson in the fourthcoming “Gang of Four-Star” promo. This vid looks like it’ll also feature a generous helping of Gonzo antics, Guy Mariano’s steadily expanding universe of ledge combo tricks, Tyler Bledsoe’s newly floppy hair, some T-Pain references and a bonus-section documentary by Spike Jonez that focuses on Sean Malto’s pearly whites. Holy shit, what about that fakie backside tailslide* that Max Schaaf did, holy shit. Nine out of ten doctors decree that Four-Star’s brand breezy tour video complements the RICE/Naproxen regimen well, as does Vince Del Valle’s Black Label part. And Leinenkugel’s. Viva la VCR…

*did we get it right this time?