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Gotta Be The Shoes

April 13, 2009

When I saw the cover of this month’s Skateboard Mag, which features a wild-and-wooly interview with sometime BTO favorite Torey Pudwill, I got to wondering whether Swooshbuckler Brian Anderson was channeling the Ghost of P-Rod Advertisements Past with this “taste the rainbow” ensemble that harkens back to those anticipation-tinged days surrounding the release of the Paul Rodriguez 2 model. This ad made a big impression on me, because P-Rod at once debuted a wacky color-scheme for a pair of shoes, and simultaneously obliterated the days-long thought process that surely would go into constructing a matched outfit for them, by donning the only logical hat-shirt-pants combo in the universe that could possibly work. Clearly it also made a big impression on our hearty street pirate, who may have thought his people would receive more equitable treatment under an Obama presidency, but was proven woefully wrong last weekend.

Irregardless, the ad in question:

So. Hear any other good ones about Nike lately?