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Richard Angelides can land a guitar

February 11, 2008

Harken back to the year 1997, a simpler time when Ty Evans was a fledgling filmer standing on the shoulders of “Memory Screen,” whose ill-fated obsession with techno music had yet to afflict the greater skateboarding populace. Rhythm’s “Genesis” was one of the best put-together and least-talked about videos as the torch was being passed from SoCal mini-tables to the handrail chompers, and while he didn’t have the last section, Richard Angelides’s part in this video is still amazing. He’s young, light-footed and ridiculously skilled with an eye for tricks–switch b/s lipslide shove-its on blocks still aren’t fucked with much to this day.

Angelides has put out some great footage and photos in the 10 years since, but not nearly enough, and never really reaching the peak he hit in the Rhythm video. Quality over quantity I guess. When you see him he’s usually pushing the boundaries, even though he’s getting up there age-wise, like with the full-cab kickflip switch manual revert in Transworld’s “First Love” a couple years back. The rest of “Genesis” is good too–a young Danny Montoya puts out a banging part, there’s good footage from Ryan Bartsma, and Chany Jeanguenin crushes shit with the last part, though his music (“Block Rockin’ Beats”) was an ominous signpost of many Moby- and BT-fueld TWS montages to come.

 Oh, and Felix is in it. Back then, his fashion-designer “career” was only a glimmer of perspiration on his matching t-shirt/bandanna combo. I wonder if Tommy Hilfiger would be impressed at his would-be protege’s ability to milk a skate career that was basically a non-starter to begin with.