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No New Koston Shoe Sponsor Info In This Post About A Matt Bennett Trick

April 20, 2009

When I think back to Matt Bennett’s surprise debut in the “Good and Evil” video, with that song from the car commercial and some pretty questionable trick choices, it seems like he had a certain number of things working against him but right away I was pretty much a fan of this dude. Partly because the backside Barley grind was one of those I’d been hoping to see for a few years (though I seem to remember a Birdhouse kid pulling it… Vinny Gambardella?), and I guess partly because he’s got this weird scarecrow style that generally makes it work. And he does weird tricks, like this fakie backside tailslide. From the newer Thrasher which also contains a really balls-to-the-wall contents-spread sequence of Brandon Westgate, a kid whose skating I have a hard time getting into, but that’s neither here nor there unless he is somehow responsible for Matt Bennett not having more footage in the Fallen shoes video. I have noticed that he does wear looser pants, a hallmark of your potential shoplifter. Right about now this post is getting way stupid.