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One Woman’s Thoughts On Tilt Mode “Bonus Round”

August 23, 2009


“He makes a lot of dramatic faces when he lands”
“They have the weirdest songs on this video”
“Is he the midget from MTV?”
“When guys have big beards like that, do you have to shampoo them? It’s like having a bunch of pubic hairs on your face”
“He was eating Cheez-Its!”
“Is this video about guys skateboarding, or guys screwing around”
“This guy falls down a lot”
“That skateboard didn’t have any wheels? What?”
“What was that–it looked like he was puking some minty color?”
“Which one was that, wearing the Gucci shirt”
“Oh, they knocked over his drink, he looked like a homeless Santa Claus”
“What were all those things on his butt, gross”
“Are there synchronized skateboarding teams out there?”
“Well this guy is really hamming it up”
“Are you quoting me?”