Balls of Steel

Matt Miller’s heave-ho to backside tailslide is a strong contender for trick of the month, if I were able to remember what month it is again. From the AVE TWS, which has some really good content including a pretty bonkers Jason Dill interview that I’d comment on if he didn’t threaten to knock out people who put him on their blogs. And clearly I have enough problems. On an unrelated note I think Third & Army makes a convincing case for the skatepark-as-street-plaza concept as more or less irrelevant.

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4 Responses to “Balls of Steel”

  1. Josh Says:

    i gotta ask, is third & army a non-bust skatespot? I know they had the emrica wild ride end there and the mayor at that time okay skating on that day, but for all the rest of time is it legal to skate?

  2. Kevin J Says:

    Hefty B/S tail for sure.

  3. goldchain Says:

    Not a bust.



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