Sisyphean Task Force

The power of positive thinking and possibly also ankle-weight training

If doing ollies straight onto rails is the new nosegrind pop-out early, as some wags have proclaimed in recent weeks, does that mean that doing shit up other shit now counts as the new pole jam? I ask partly because noted fan Kyle Leeper recently voiced his over-ness of pole jams in the text-heavy interview issue of Skateboarder, but also because sweet Jesus, there’s been some crazy ascending tricks going around lately. If anybody else has made it up the pyramid ledges in New York, I haven’t seen it. This is a photo of alleged Commandment-breaker and known Tosh Townend associate Pat Pasquale, lifted from a rather entertaining interview with photog Bart Jones, TSM’s answer to Seth Rogan, at

Time will tell of course if we’re setting ourselves up for a video let-down of three-inch scratchers and dead-stop landings, but the uphill battles recently fought by Leo and others have made for some pretty entertaining photos. I could see Andrew Brophy going Jr Mint up the South Bank stairs with some kind of kickflip or pop-shove variation. And recent reports have the down-up stair component of Philadelphia City Hall still fully skatable, so pro dudes and bite-your-arm-off ams, let’s get some new stuff popping up that thing.

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5 Responses to “Sisyphean Task Force”

  1. nah! Says:

    rumors were true bitches!

  2. Mike Says:

    I’ve been meaning to brush up on my Greek myth; January 5, ’09, up the new down. How many people know what going Jr. Mint means?

  3. mdspb Says:

    I saw that on video and almost pooped myself. The Weenabago Project 2 (shudder), I think?

  4. clew Says:

    Torey Pudwell ollies up a huge gap in his TSM interview this month. I believe he landed it, but this might destroy my established concepts of skateboarding physics, which are elementary. Keep blazing, Torey.

  5. slurge Says:

    Switch flip up the undercover 5

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