Now That’s What Boil the Ocean Calls Skateboarding (’00s Edition): 40-31

A general disclaimer about the list to follow ought to start with noting that most lists of this sort are pretty much bullshit anyway, designed to ignite pointless debate and sell women’s health magazines or ad spots on VH1, and this one may not be much different really. However, given that this is an internet blog site, and the end of a decade is approaching, fate holds that a list must be made. I thought about whether it should be billed as the 40 “best” videos of the past decade, or the 40 “most significant,” or the 40 “most favoritest of BTO” but in the end we’re opting to call it something altogether different and stupid and just get on with things. Special shout to Skim the Fat, where from I got most of these images, is that site still going? Anyhow, numbers 40 through 30:

40. “It’s Official,” 2005

An overall pretty awesome video marred by a Kanye-heavy soundtrack and a few too many Lenny Rivas quotables, Kayo Corp’s stab at a “Trilogy” featured the national debut of gap-gliding Kenny Hoyle and SF sweatpants fan Robbie Holmes, alongside solid turns from all-stars Jackson Curtain, Karl Watson and a damn Marcus McBride part. I don’t know if Marcus McBride is the Z-Ro of skateboarding, exactly, but he’s something. “Official” probably could’ve done with more Richard Angelides and some editing where Quim Cardona was concerned but this video is one that probably doesn’t get rewatched as often as it should. Chany Jeanguenin skates vert in it.

39. “Skate More,” 2005

Daewon Song’s self-reinvention for a post-picnic table world helped vault him to SOTY status off the back of DVS’s debut full-length, but the Python-flavored “Skate More” also boasted the feel-good part of the year straight from the happy feet of Jeron Wilson who floats the slickest heelflip that Jason Dill had ever seen. 2005 was a banner year for Keith Hufnagel as well, putting out two ollie-riffic sections, and this DVS video also offers a glimpse of the ever-shifting Dill in his New York denizen phase and the mixed bag that is Jereme Rogers’ best part to date; also Busenitz/Zered Basset and a more-interesting-than-usual Mikey Taylor contribution.

38. “Get Familiar,” 2006

Chris Hall’s sneakerhead-financed East-by-West coast document should’ve maybe leaned a bit heavier on the retro elements, like I always thought the electro songs used for the intro clips would’ve made an interesting soundtrack for the whole thing. “Get Familiar” though was a worthy addition to a long line of self-produced East Coast videos with a pretty stacked lineup in a still-skinny Bobby Worrest, a skinnier yet Zach Lyons, EE vets Barley and Forbes and the resurgent duo of Joey Pepper and James Craig (the backside bigspin flip is a career highlight). Curveball parts come from Daewon and Mark Gonzales before gun-slinging Darren Harper controversially closes the video with some baggy denim stylings, crazy pop and that silly floater of a switch frontside shove-it.

37. “Waiting For the World,” 2000

It’s kind of fucked up how John Rattray’s section in this video was this devil’s bargain that earned him the glitz and glamour associated with Zero, Elwood and Osiris sponsorships, while at the same time siphoning away Blueprint’s heaviest dude, but these things happen. Nowadays WFTW looks kind of dated, especially Paul Carter’s Osiris pants and the Souls of Mischief song, but in 2000 the video itself was a serious stylistic push forward (the intro in particular) and generally served as a statement of purpose for the British skateboard scene, especially for those of us outside it, putting everybody onto the likes of Paul Shier, Colin Kennedy, a pint-sized Nick Jensen and the loopy genius of Mark Baines, leading up to John Rattray’s Britpop-powered star turn.

36. “Cash Money Vagrant,” 2003

There was really no reasonable or feasible way for Anti Hero to try and follow up “Fucktards” but their stab at a semi-conventional video in the midst of restocking the team for the concrete park decade is laudable enough and a fun one to throw in now and again. Young(er) and dirty Frank Gerwer does half his frontside k-grinds on Firm boards and Tony Trujillo rejects the Transworld gloss that helped mold his SOTY bid, alongside contributions from Cardiel, Hewitt and most of the other Anti-Heros that matter. It’s short, there is a little lo-fi themed skit that ties the whole thing together and they make it safely to Benecia at the end (spoiler alert). Interestingly, this site is selling a copy for $1300.

35. “Dying To Live,” 2002

In some ways it’s easy to bag on this vid, what with Jamie Thomas’s very dramatic intro, the beginning of Adrian Lopez’s career slide and Jon Allie’s sort of boring opener part. But as with most Zero productions the editing is sharp, the music fantastic and there is enough good here that “Dying to Live” probably can be considered fairly underrated at this point – Ryan Smith in his young and hungry days, paired with Nirvana, Matt Mumford to Queen, bespectacled Lindsay Robertson’s crushing slow-mo intro, and Chris Cole kickflip backside noseblunting a damn handrail amid a characteristically ridiculous part that capped his fresh-to-hesh migration. And, it had a sweet friends section, something that’s kind of fallen by the way-side in recent years.

34. “7 Year Glitch,” 2002

It seems like forever ago that New Deal even was a company and most of these dudes have been scattered to the four winds at this point, and where Fabrizio Santos is concerned, this all may be for the best. But this video, which preceded New Deal’s folding pretty quickly, contains one of the better Ricky Oyola lines captured on video, a lot of good Europe footage before all the spots were played, and the type of diverse lineup that’s generally been tossed in favor of appealing to this or that sub-sub-demographic. There is vert skating and Rob G has a nice run that’s filmed via a stationary long-lens, also, Chad Tim Tim at the early stages of being underappreciated for more or less ten years. Probably you could trace Kenny Reed’s nearly decade-long wandering in the international wilderness to the filming of this project, and maybe the marathon backside 5-0 to backside tail in particular. The one with the kid on the bike.

33. “Baker 3,” 2005

The Baker Bootleg video formula refined and distilled, taking the sometimes-interminable 90-minute slogs through the chopped-n-screwed Baker world and squishing it into something resembling a more straightforward format. Baker 3 also introduced the world to polar opposite ams Antwuan Dixon and Theotis Beasley, and helped Bryan Herman transition from a browless Reynolds fan to a grown up hardflipper with a world-class 360 flip. Somewhere in there Spanky skates to Morrissey (I know!) and Reynolds stretches his editing legs with some weird effects. Thinking back on this vid now I remember being vaguely shocked that Erik Ellington was capable of backside noseblunting a handrail, and after reading the recent Greco interview, I’m reminded that it was a bummer he didn’t end up using the Queen song for his comeback section.

32. “Bon Appetit,” 2003

This video rightfully put Cliche on the global map, even though it retreaded that tiresome Yeah Yeah Yeahs song for the nth time and wasted so much top-drawer footage on endless region-specific montages – where is the rationale, I ask you, in sprinkling JJ Rousseu nosegrinds here and there in some Japan part when he could’ve had a full-length section to himself. French Fred’s editing choices aside, “Bon Appetit” dodges classic status but still boasts Lucas Puig’s best part to date (the nollie backside noseblunt), Jan Kleiwer getting his Hufnagel on, Rousseau in top form and a part from when Cale Nuske’s knees still worked that contains exactly one line, which is sick. Also, you should know that Ricardo Fonseca’s ponytail is meant to symbolize the virility of the European skate scene as a whole.

31. “Cheese & Crackers,” 2007

Chris Haslam and Daewon Song conspire to build a better mini-ramp mousetrap. Kind of like if the Tilt Moders got locked in a garage for a weekend with a miniramp and a sheet of high-powered blotter acid. When street skateboarding moves beyond its current love for manageable transitions this video could possibly become the current era’s “1281” but there’s a general retardedness that helps smooth out the troublesome physics problems associated with doing blunts behind a curtain, and all manner of other nonsense these dudes get into. Friends section features Carroll and Alex Olson and the human dynamo that is Giovanni Reda, remember, and Lewis Marnell’s bonus part is nice also.

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24 Responses to “Now That’s What Boil the Ocean Calls Skateboarding (’00s Edition): 40-31”

  1. clew Says:

    i can’t wait to see how many Transworld videos make the list…i think a lot of them have held up over time, especially Sight Unseen, Interface, and Feedback.

  2. Ben Says:

    will you guys put at least one 411VM or ONVIDEO in the list? 411VM deserves to be mentioned fo sur!

  3. MostlySkateboarding Says:

    For me, WFTW should have been in the top ten, but what do I know. As far as TWS vids go, I’d expect Feedback and Modus to be coming soon. Feedback was the first video to overuse the ramped slo-mo, and Modus paved the way for Ty Evans’ move to the Girl/Choc family and had the best TWS video line up ever.

  4. clew Says:

    How did i forget Modus?? I love Brian Anderson’s part, I seriously used to watch that every day before a session! Mike Carroll, classic…

  5. .. Says:

    hahaha the loopy genius of mark baines

  6. camelsarelame Says:

    yeah I still watch the new deal video about once a month. I remember a younger version of myself being confused why I was so stoked on that shuggie otis song.

    Instead of debating best videos or naming ones that I’d like to see I just want to thank you for this posts and the upcoming ones. It was a great one to drink a cup of coffee and eat a pastry while reading.


    One of my biggest mistakes involving skate videos was trading away cash money vagrant for like, in bloom or some equally shitty video that I cant remember…

  7. acedruid Says:

    thers a new english company called motive,theve just released a dvd called dimensions which came free with sidewalk surfer magazine containing a sick paul carter section.the highlight of the vid is Sean Smith tho,everyone needs to see this .. dont know if its online but will try and find a link if it is

  8. NS Says:

    Interface and feedback came out in 97 & 99, Modus was 00 and I back for the top slot, too much good stuff in that vid. 411’s seem so irrelevant at this point, are people really nostalgic for later 411’s? Transworld’s annual formula might be the only one that gets a pass.

  9. theProgram Says:

    nice to see 7 year glitch with some appreciation, though i might have put it closer to the top.

    if modus isn’t top 3, there’s something wrong with this world.

  10. Mr.Internet Says:

    Going to really enjoy reading this list as it unfolds. Some of those in this section where already SO good, top 10 stuff there in my opinion, I’m kind of scratching my head as to what the rest can be!

  11. smorales Says:

    spoiler alert: number one is yeah right!

  12. Cobs Says:

    spoiler alert: number one is Osiris: the storm

  13. cephalopod Says:

    I have all the Anti Hero vids on VHS including the two song demo. I will gladly part with them for $1300 each

  14. Vitis Says:

    I also have a VHS copy of Two Songs, and I am willing to go as low as 1250$. Suck it.

  15. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    Transworld videos are pretty embarrassing to watch.,…….

    and same with Euro videos- no one over there has gotten it right yet!

  16. whateva Says:

    what about wonderful horrible life pj ladd’s’ ?
    i mean come on
    fuck r u gonna put fully flared number one aren’t you?

  17. lionz Says:

    baker 3 should be way higher on the list, dude! total classic in my book.

  18. Mr.Internet Says:

    Spoiler Alert: Doug Brown’s Nucleus is going to be number one.

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  21. sulan Says:

    Ha ha 2000 drog jag till London før att træffa några vænner som bosatt sig dær. Ja var 18 år och skejtade så mycket ja kunde.

    I wating for the world finns det en k-grind på ett svart rør, se om ni kan hitta mig!

    Sole, man har ju varit med ett tag! Fuck man 2010!

  22. sulan Says:

    Sorry translation nessecery!

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