1990s Antique Roadshow: Alphanumeric Mix Tape That’s Really A CD

Another promo item, yet for promotional use only. This surfaced in the process of boxing up all physical music laying about the place, except for novelty items like a Krokus 12″ for instance. The back of the jewel case advises the reader to “mind ya neck.” We poke fun at naming a CD “The Mix Tape” (turning a blind eye toward Canal St.) but the tracklisting suggests this came out on cassette also, since there’s two sets of 15 songs, two intros and so on. Appearances from Raekwon, MOP, Shyne and Cuban Link, with the occasional shoutout to snowboards from DJs Green Lantern and Camilo.

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8 Responses to “1990s Antique Roadshow: Alphanumeric Mix Tape That’s Really A CD”

  1. mike Says:

    I had the NC Clothing mixtape that was also a compact disc. Wasn’t half bad.

  2. theProgram Says:

    physics wheels video soundtrack anyone?

  3. Tony Says:

    the phrase “mix tape” is probably going to continue through history to the point where nobody knows what the word “tape” is doing in there. At that time someone will make up a reasonable-sounding, but explanation like “you mix things up and tape them together” and people will go forward with that bit of fiction.

  4. I loved that tape Says:

    I had the cassette version, they passed it out at tampa am in 98 or 99, can you upload the songs?

  5. Watson Says:

    Come on, don’t act like we didn’t see that CCS post.

  6. matthew bennett Says:

    Um, who’s got the Drawrs Mixtape #5? J-Roc on the cut!

  7. JB Says:

    Yo, is there anyway you can get me a copy of this, upload or even burn a CD or whatever?

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    Principal componente de QuitoPlan é a Quitosana. https://kombuchablog.wordpress.com/2007/07/04/drink-com-vinho-e-kombucha/

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