1990s Antique Roadshow: Piece of an Actual Real-Life Menace T-Shirt

This is on some “design on a dime” shit where I had the bright idea of framing some skate T-shirts of yesteryear, or more likely remembered hearing about somebody else trying it. To those still holding out hope for an Eric Pupecki comeback, fear not, as the shirt wasn’t otherwise wearable in its pre-chopped condition and definitely wasn’t seeing much action at the bottom of a box in the garage anyway. This was among three Menace shirts owned. There also was the traditional MNC star, a heather-gray number that remained in good-if-90s-sized condition until it vaporized while moving house sometime in the early 00’s. Then there was a more nontraditional navy one that had the MNC block-type logo printed on both sides, vertically under the sleeves… if that makes sense. Now that one never fit right and I tried in vain one time to trade it to a woman at a sweaty nightclub for an MNC star logo shirt she was wearing, the one with the plaid-patterned star, but no dice.

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13 Responses to “1990s Antique Roadshow: Piece of an Actual Real-Life Menace T-Shirt”

  1. thecarbonite Says:

    I still have my Menace shirt (the one from the header on my old site) and wear it from time to time. Well, not really. I can’t think of an occasion special enough to warrant wearing it–if that makes sense. Maybe if I ever go to an “industry” function again.

    So, Antique Roadshow dude –how much is an actual All City windbreaker worth?

  2. Watson Says:

    Right when Plan B went out of business, at the skateshop I went to they had this really classic looking Plan B shirt that said “Plan B Basics” on it. I bought it thinking to myself “This shit is gonna be so tight, I’ll chill on this shirt for awhile, wear it very rarely and keep it looking new for a really long time. Then every once in awhile I’ll bust it out and just blow people’s fucking minds.”

    I don’t think I need to tell you how that story ends.

  3. burm Says:

    I’ve retired one band shirt in this fashion, but I kept the shirt intact so that the rest of the shirt is hanging from the back of the frame. So in theory the shirt would still be wearable.

    The frame I used is thick enough so that I think it would be able to hide the excess cloth when hanged, but I haven’t tried actually hanging it yet since my girlfriend wasn’t thrilled on crusty grindcore imagery in our living room.

  4. Paul Says:

    I still have a Plan B Basics hoody, oh dear.

    I also cut out the artwork from some old tees when they became threadbare (griptape on the outside when holding the board was a lesson not learnt quickly). I think I have a SHUT tee from 88 in a shoebox of old bits and pieces.

    Anyway, loving the antique roadshow posts.

  5. Rikku Markka Says:

    The Menace/All Stars/City Stars shirt I liked best was the one with the boxing gloves hanging from the logo.

  6. sock rugget Says:

    what is a pupecki grind?

  7. Lucas Says:

    I had the boxing gloves logo. I also had the Menace Tech shirt, albeit in blue. Both disintegrated years ago. I do, however, have a Menace banner–MNC 9D6, with outlines of skate shots from a few ads–displayed above my bed. It is the only real decor in my bedroom.

    And, yes, I live alone.

  8. saul Says:

    some Pupecki footy from 09 in this

  9. Tony Says:

    i cut the logos out of all my old shirts and store them in a box. it’s pure nostalgia fodder but at least it takes up less space.

  10. Keith Says:

    I got a Menace star tee from Kareem at the first Slam City contest when Menace first started (the same tee Gino is wearing in this line http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeSchBpIa0E#t=1m00s ). They didn’t even have boards yet. We were both crashing at a photographers house. Kareem and all the Menace guys were super nice chill people.

    Pretty sure I have that tee lying around somewhere at my Mom’s place.

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