Sean Sheffey: Still crazy

All means indeed…

It’s easy these days to get bummed out on skating, what with your Lifes of Ryans, Pacsuns, “lifestyle brands” and energy drink sponsors, sure. But then you read something like this:

Thrasher: Tell us a good Sheffey story.

Jake Brown: Here’s the best one for me, personally. I was hanging out with Mike Crum at the time, it was one of the first times I met Sheffey and I don’t know, man. We were drinking bottles of Johnny Walker and shit, hanging out at his house. And he goes, “here’s my pet snake.” And I go, “That’s sick.” Then the snake bit him so he ripped it in half. And then we drank all night after that. And then the next morning, he wakes up and he goes, “You’re gonna ride for DVS.” And I go, “What?” And he goes, “Oh, yeah.” Fucking calls Tim Gavin and demands that he send me shoes. From then on, Gavin was sending me shoes. It was so tight.

From the March Thrasher, good issue mostly.

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