Pete Eldridge: King of Crush

Got the street sweeper

As far as comebacks go, Tom Penny and Guy Mariano don’t much resemble the dudes they were when they left the game, for better or worse. Meanwhile if you were a video editing sorcerer you could probably cut and paste most of the tricks from Pete Eldridge’s part in the new Mystery promo and plug them into his old Bootleg part* without too much trouble. I guess it was probably only about five years ago, but you know how skateboarding careers go. Didn’t Anthony Mosely come and go in less time?

The east coast Eldridge still has it in spades – commanding nollie backside heelflip in the first line, even if it isn’t screwed up the way J Strickland used to enjoy doing with flatground tricks. When he stomps down tricks like that boosted ollie over the hubba you can practically hear the urethane compressing when his wheels slam down, or when he’s lofting all that shit over the various bump-to-bars (switch frontside shove-it, cranked backside 180, switch whirlybird in Spain). Frontside flip pictured overhead is power Ginsu status and the last trick straightened me in my seat and put expletives on my tongue. Mighty nice to have him back.

Am I the only one who’s into Mystery’s clean B&W video gloss? It reminds me of the old Eastern Exposures. The rest of the promo’s good. Everen Stallion didn’t do a whole lot for me aside from his smooth and powerful-sounding moniker and affection for nollie b/s bigspin ledge variations, but I’ll give it up for the stretched 180 into the bank and the five-oh shove-it in Chinatown… and the final 360 flip over the rail was hot. Jimmy Carlin makes montage highlights with the smith grind hardflip and the (erm) forward flip, I liked Windsor James taking the nollie flip backside over the rail too, but I think Dennis Durrant held it down hardest with all that ledge techery and switch frontside k-grind, like nothing. Do you think he’s gonna have the last section in whatever video they make next, because I kind of do.

Seperately: Was Ryan Smith’s only trick that stalefish? Lost weekends or not, it’s too soon for that dude to fade. Frontside flip nosegrind hydro hideout, this was supposed to be a ten-year run.

*I always thought PE had the upper hand on PR with the Nas instrumental.

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8 Responses to “Pete Eldridge: King of Crush”

  1. Watson Says:

    I was gonna make a post about this one too.

    Yes, Dennis Durant is nuts. I don’t like Jimmy Carlin though. Overflips and double flips. Not my cup of tea. Especially double nollie heel or smith double flip out. (Not in this video.)

    The stale on the volcano was actually Lindsey Robertson. Ryan Smith had the kickflip noseblunt right before it as well as I believe a nollie crooks over a flat gap close to the beginning of the montage. From what I hear when he fell off the wagon he got in a motorcycle accident, got really fucked up, and is just recovering right now.

    Pete Eldridge skates like a man. And shows us that it’s still possible to use rap music and make it look good. I think I’m gonna do a post on this anyway.

  2. Watson Says:

    Pete Eldridge is also very handsome. Don’t you think?

  3. nervous matt Says:

    Hell no you’re not the only one who digs Mystery videos!!i think Black & White was THE best video to come out in 2007 (and yeah i know,”but what about Fully Flared duuude?!?!” but fuck,that’s my opinion) and the new promo was everything i expected it to be.
    they always get me well hyped before skating,plus there’s no one in the team who’s style or tricks suck or annoys the shit out of me (which is pretty rare nowadays).

  4. Kevin J Says:

    Awesome to see him gettin support. A lot of talented(or REALLY talented in this case) skaters get overlooked, but I’m glad he got a second chance with Mystery. Dude SCREAMS East Coast!

  5. Rocuronium Says:

    Well put:

    “When he stomps down tricks like that boosted ollie over the hubba you can practically hear the urethane compressing when his wheels slam down”

  6. Smith Says:

    That’s becuase PE is mad grimey, son….He actually uses legit hip-hop (No Lil Whine or Kanye Pest)…Something we haven’t seen in videos for a long time…And yes, he did skate to Nas better (I think that video dropped months before Yeah Right too)….

  7. FB Says:

    I wanted to post his part from Plain & Simple but it’s not available (on youtube) anymore.
    Buy it:

    It’s amazing!

    You should also check his tricks in “Rise ‘n Shine”:

    Pete skates like a man… no doubt!

  8. doodo Says:

    Ryan Smith was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident where he had to have serious reconstructive surgery a year or so ago. He is lucky to be alive, and is back 100% now.

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