6. Chris Cole, “Ride the Sky”

Chris Cole catches Flare fever for his teched-out ledge closer in Fallen shoes’ “Ride the Sky”, trotting the globe in search of the crispest curbs upon which to execute switch frontside nosegrind fakie bigspin kickflips outs and that fakie switch backside noseblunt 360 flip out mess that is crying out for a wit like Jake Phelps to brand it with an obnoxious nickname like “razorblade octopus” or “switch hosebeast.” My Chris Cole appreciation has come a long way from a Weissian guilty pleasure pushing snowplow nosegrinds to leery approval at the TWS/DTL double-up to anticipating his next move post-Wallenberg. I think this year, with what’s to me his best in a long long line of video parts, I may be coming to terms with being a serious fan of Chris Cole, although if I ran into the Police Informer or Temple Skate dudes at a spot I might still try and issue a few mumbly denials before the cock crows.

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2 Responses to “6. Chris Cole, “Ride the Sky””

  1. carbonite Says:

    trip the fuck out…when i was returning from skating yesterday i heard that Styx song from DTL…not really a Chris Cole fan but got amped nonetheless…he always had really good music supervision in his shit…

  2. Politician Says:

    Typical boy band skater. not an individual. one of Jaimie’s lab rats. Hey chief quit trying to manipulate skateboarding and make money off it over at black box. Let skaters be individuals, or else were fucked.

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