Bros in Time


For whatever reason this week we’re seeing a lot of themes around the glory of bro-ness popping up here and there, so I’m going to avoid retreading tha Plat’s recent odes to the season in favor of more other shit that warms the darkened cockles of aging skateboard hearts*. Such as this time warp Guy/Rudy pic, featured in the new and generally entertaining Wallride catalog. (Check for the Skate Mental dolphin deck and Carroll’s up-rail innovation.) We can sweat the Crailtap crew’s growing pains as they try and chart their course with the ’90s steadily shrinking in the rear-view mirror, but then they’ll parcel out photos like this, or empty the footage vaults for the box set, and future generations of face-tattooed rappers can be forgiven. Too bad they’re not driving a Civic.

Tenuously related is this Lakai commercial for the nold Rick Howards, which I’ve unfortunately yet to sample, in which our pal gets some help from a couple IATSE Local 33 friends. But not Mike Carroll. If 411s were still coming out and I was still watching them I would for sure be waiting on new Lakai spots.

*inevitably bumming out the anti-bro-feeling Carbonite

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2 Responses to “Bros in Time”

  1. Adam Says:

    I was really surprised to see their Bar graphics resurrected, that was one of my favorite graphic series since I started skating. The new series looks good too, but doesn’t carry the same vibes as the initial line of boards when I first saw it. I know it’s a staple of companies to bring back graphics they’ve had in the past, but I didn’t think this one in particular would be up for consideration based on how low-key it seemed. It’s definitely good for them to showcase style again, though.

    I guess Girl’s giving some attention to an ‘older’ demographic too, based on the Powerslide series. Which is much better opposed to the alternative, where they’d display something like Tech Deck handboards. I don’t know. It’s a bit sad when I think of the OG Girl team eventually retiring. But hopefully that won’t be for awhile and I’ll be fed up with skating by then, or at least with the industry.

    Great post; I liked the Dash Snow and James Craig ones as well, and that continental divide reference a few weeks past. It’s all good, actually.

  2. cj Says:

    I will probably cry when the OG Girl and Chocolate teams retire.

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