Chris Cole: Back For the First Time

Turn his SOTY on, again

Chris Cole is an amazing skater with a truckload of natural ability and the skill of a sober ninja who was born in the 1980s. I would say Pierre Luc Gagnon, for instance, is another dude with high skill levels and the temerity to take it to the extreme. But there can be only one skateboard version of the Highlander each year and this year it is again Chris Cole, for any number of valid reasons. If you’re an internet bean counter, though, you may count this particular blog zone in the vaguely disappointed pile. Not because Cole isn’t a Rob Zombie superbeasto on the ramps and rails, all while managing to not act like an asshole all over the place. (Did everybody see this one?) Pretty much what we’re saying is, you could probably buy a used auto from Chris Cole and count on getting at least a decent deal.

But, Skater of the Year twice? Same decade even? The SOTY nomination/voting/election process is famously opaque and has not been overseen by international election observers since His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I took office. There is no doubt that the ultimate yardstick must lie within the skateboard pudding served up over the course of the year. There’s a strong case to be made for COLETY09 sure, it could’ve equally been made last year too what with that Fallen video, but Cole’s noble performances these past 12 months (Wallenberg, Maloof, Berrics, “Strange World”) probably would better serve to affirm the wisdom of his being chosen the first time around, whereas Phelps & Co. could take the opportunity to anoint someone in 2009 who will be assured to blow minds in 2013, should Earth’s civilization, such as it is, defy the Mayan calendar and live that long.

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17 Responses to “Chris Cole: Back For the First Time”

  1. Captain planet Says:

    Yeah I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to see someone new get it. But to be fair, you really cant argue with the productivity Cole has put out this year. It is actually quite ridiculous what hes done this year. Other dudes have made marks, but really, if the world were to end tomorrow, can you say there is anyone BETTER than chris cole right now? On the same level maybe, but better? no

  2. handerson Says:

    I’ll second that. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to see who was second best. However if its an award for the best skater of this year I don’t think anyone was close.

  3. Lol Says:

    busenitz and perhaps romero, but anything else would’ve been a rediculous pick, i still can’t believe malto gravette and baca were even considered.

  4. EUROPESKATE.COM » Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2009 Is Announced! Says:

    […] check out the commentary over on “Boil The Ocean” » Thrasher Magazine website Thrasher Skateboard […]

  5. clew Says:

    You really can’t stop Chris Cole. He’s definitely the most consistent, automatic (but not in a robotic way) skater I’ve ever seen. Any other choice would have been laughable. Plus, that game of S.K.A.T.E. with P-Rod was really sick…those guys have skills that are off the charts.

  6. 666 Says:

    Busenitz would HAVE to be second, and yeah you can’t front on Cole getting it really, but I would have preferred Busenitz, but anyway it’s just the bespeckled alcho who decides anyway, so who really cares?

  7. 666 Says:

    Oh, the only thing about Cole that shits me is he kind of looks like a Strawberry given a wish to become a pro skater but accidentally got a paddle pop stick for a spine.

  8. art hellman Says:

    not excited, but not unexcited

  9. ... Says:

    It kinda blows that Heath didn’t win, just because he is the greatest, but in reality, Chris Cole deserves it for sure.

    And also… of course Busenitz is fucking rad (i’ve totally been on busenitz train for years), but can someone refresh my memory with what he has actually had/done this year apart from Diagnal?

    I’ve got my money on leo for next year.

  10. rats Says:

    i was rooting for heath all year, i’d love to see that sociopathic rail slayer get his trophy and pat on the back

  11. OSS in CT Says:

    Sheckler didn’t get it, because he didn’t have a great year in 09—but you could easily have said he might have in 08—let the hate flow—effin losers

  12. mort goldman Says:

    i can’t wait to hear the douchebag announcer of the dew tour say this before chris cole takes a run next year, “thrasher skater of the year two years in a row dropping in, wow look at that sick frontside 180 degrees spin to 50-50 axle grind to switch stance down that crazy obstacle!”

  13. rudy Says:

    He’s the kind of guy I’m generally not that into, but he’s just too undeniable good. I don’t have any problems with his style and think he really did deserve it. Sure, I like Busenitz better, but as … mentioned- he really hasn’t done shit (not counting the web) video-wise outside Diagnol.

    And people that hate on Cole entering contests- Busenitz was at pretty much all the same events aside from Wallenberg. (Yes, even the dreaded Dew tour)

  14. Sanji Says:

    Chris Cole won. The end.
    Here’s what really gripes my ass: Beez as #30 in your list? Come on, guy. It was at least within the top 10 if not top 5. (biased)
    Oh wait, Chris Cole won SOTY? Bummer.
    Let’s all predict who will win next year.
    My prediction? This guy:

    Jeff DeChesare aka WonSong
    Sponsors: Nike SB (flow), Plan B (flow)
    Hometown: Denville NJ

    Check the footage for proof.

    Later nerds.

  15. ncmc Says:

    when cole blunt slid that kids face, i shit my pants.

  16. Salvatore Says:

    Don’t be too quick to forget his saint-like sportsmanship during the whole Mike V thing. Say what you like about the man, you can’t fault his character. What did everyone expect to happen at Wallenburg? Cole one-upped himself, what a scandal! Phelps didn’t look like he knew where he was, so that explains that. But when you think about it, in this age of ‘vulk’ feet-destroyers Cole is the only pro who isn’t on meth still jumping down the big stuff in the traditional non-P-Rod-ian way that appeals to the Thrasher crowd.

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