Strange World

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13 Responses to “Strange World”

  1. mike Says:

    I suppose the half capitalized state abbreviations was just a design element too.

  2. Mauricio Says:

    Berra’s sponsored #americaisdumb on twitter is on the same path… making school…

  3. Watson Says:

    Hey man, you totally learn more by dropping out of school and going on tours to places such as Minniapolis then you ever could by sticking it out or even getting your GED.

  4. paulote capote Says:

    Can someone explain me this thing? Maybe I didn’t get it because I am not american…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Paulote: The city “Minniapolis” is spelled wrong. Minneapolis is correct. Spell checking things you are releasing to promote your company isn’t affordable under the current economic conditions in the Unitad States.

  6. thecarbonite Says:


  7. pt Says:

    ‘Half-capitalized’ state abbreviations are actually okay, if a little archaic and generally frowned upon by the United States Postal System. But, how about Illinois being represented two capital letters in different point sizes, so as not to confuse anyone with Chicago Part II.

  8. sk8-4-fun Says:

    There is no such thing as half-capitalized. A word, or in this case a state abbreviation, is either capitalized (example: Skateboard), uppercase (example: SKATEBOARD) or lowercase (example: skateboard).

    Poor proofreading, design and typography from someone at Blackbox.

  9. Kevin Davis Says:

    — i heard when there are no gaps or rails to skate at the demo, the team reverts to doing switch flips over Adrian Lopez standing on his board

  10. mike v Says:

  11. Rocuronium Says:

    Man, was I dissapointed with this post to start with (1. A typo/misspelling is very common in skateboarding culture-this blog included; 2. So what? What’s the harm? How does this impact current or future skateboarding culture? 3. Where’s the wit, the encyclopedic knowledge of skate video/shoe/t-shirt color history?).

    To make it worse, it was the second posting out of the last three which had none of your great writing/insight/content.
    Finally, it’s been posted for a long ass time again. I understand you have other priorities, but such meager content does little to tide us over.

    Hope you’re getting some good skating in.

  12. anon Says:

    A newer Zero tour advert has Cream City in Bufferm WI. How can someone mistake a word Bufferm with Butler. Some folks at the Zero camp need to go to an adult learning center for spelling.

  13. Jonathan Says:


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