10. Cory Kennedy – “Beware of Sasquatch”

So okay, top ten video parts of the year as per this web-site blog space.

One of the major knocks on Cory Kennedy’s Wonderful-Horrible Life moment this year involved I think questions of street cred and authenticity, that his trick choices were a little too calculated or studied alongside the more usual issues of it all coming too easily to some suburbo-bro that nobody ever heard of. Which may or may not hold water, but if that’s the case, how come more people aren’t putting out sections like this? In a local vid? With like ten minutes of footage that’s good? Cory Kennedy invokes some of the same spirits that made an instant hero out of PJ Ladd 10 years ago, namely the melding of superman technical tricks with standard-issue kickflips, humor and enough sketchy ride-aways to humanize him a little bit. Devotion to frontside shove-its and backside tailslide shove-its goes a long ways too.

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11 Responses to “10. Cory Kennedy – “Beware of Sasquatch””

  1. b Says:

    bit of a bummer that a lot of the tricks in the video are sped up…

  2. Skately Says:

    Now that was an amazing part. It’s always refreshing when the new kid on the block drops 10 minutes of usable footage while most top pros struggle to compile a few minutes over a 2-3 year span. Let’s just hope that Cory doesn’t go underground like PJ has the last few years. 10 years later and I’m still blown away by PJ’s f/s 360 heelflip down that hefty set, people still aren’t doing that trick today.

  3. pt Says:

    skately — when you’re young, and/or you’ve yet to put out of a body of documented skateboarding, it’s easy. it’s for a variety of reasons, but the most significant is that you’re proving yourself, so that means you’re showing what you can do. you’re fighting it out with any given number of other unknowns who probably skate at the very least somewhat similar to you — your ‘school’.

    a lot of skaters only become truly interesting far after they’ve made it, have nothing to prove, and they’re freed up and mature enough to put out their own take on skateboarding. that’s why 30 second to two minutes over six years from the right dude are cherished over young roosters rifling off ten clips a day.

  4. Ben Says:

    Damm sure #1 is either The Boss or Leo Romeo. At least top three.

  5. mdspb Says:

    Ben – I’m going to bet otherwise.
    Just sayin’.

  6. Ben Says:

    All good with me. 🙂

  7. kimbo Says:

    this part doesnt have the kind of vibe that made PJs WHL such a rewatchable part.

    and theres too much goddamn park footage. bleh.

  8. Liam Says:

    what did you mean exactly with the comment about his trick choice? genuine question

  9. drew Says:

    Totally forgot this came out this year. I watched this part a lot more than i expected, but the two BJM songs definitely played a part in that.

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