1. Lucien Clarke – “This Time Tomorrow”

As far as young bros on the come-up in 2010, this Lucien Clarke dude’s got it all — form, cool looking locales, those snapback hats with the different colored brims that took over Britain a year or two back, the accent, backside noseblunt slides on command, etc etc. There is a leisurely air to the lengthy lines he skates that promise a lifestyle behind solidly latched doors among woodgrain and glasses of brown liquor, if you could hang out there in a baggy sweatshirt and said hats with the colourful brims. The cliffhanger frontside shove-it over the crunchy hubba and the nollie backside flip shortly thereafter are highlights with heaps of night filming and switch backside kickflips. Bouncy older rap song and he’s on the Palace board company, this was my favorite part all year.

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12 Responses to “1. Lucien Clarke – “This Time Tomorrow””

  1. Jo El Says:

    hopefully this dude gets sponsored by some kind of grocery store or something.

  2. le baron andre Says:

    the skating in that video was fine but the editing was worse than static 3

  3. Tim Says:

    It seems difficult to put out a part these days and have it stand out. To me, this one was no exception. Standard moves by a dude that would blend into a line-up of any 5 kids you grab from any generic skatepark in the world.
    He’s has all the “right moves” to make it in the current popular state of skateboarding. The hardflip. The backside noseblunt slide. It’s almost as if someone drew him a treasure map to the pro ranks and he followed it in video part
    Sure, he’s good. So what? So is everyone. Number one? Nah. I feel like maybe you missed Randy Ploesser’s High-5 welcome video.

    Anyway, skateboarding is boring. Sorry- watching skateboarding is boring. And your pick for number one of the year confirms that statement.

  4. Tim Says:

    Oh, and nothing irritates me more than when a song is edited to fit a video part.
    Just sayin’.

  5. will Says:

    tim you crazy mane

  6. - Says:

    i agree with lc’s part at #1. it’s like reynolds filming a part for a static video. the editing and everything in t.t.t. is excruciating though, an overwhelmingly blatant josh stewart bite.

  7. Lucien gets best part of 2010 – Grey Skateboard Magazine Says:

    […] section from This Time Tomorrow best video part of 2010. Good choice and great to see a couple of Londoners on the […]

  8. jsnlwr Says:

    can’t believe you didn’t mention his fade @ 3:37 and 5:13. That put him as my number one straight away.

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