Jason Dill And His Shirt Raise Important Concerns About Submitting To The Man, Dudes

swallow(if you can) from william strobeck on Vimeo.

Iconoclast boardsportsman and outspoken tastemaker Jason Dill is back at it again, this week controversially dropping video footage that prominently features a tucked-in t-shirt. The web clip, posted above, proved instantly divisive on the ‘Net and has raised fresh questions around the “institutionalization” of skateboarding as corporate interests exert ever greater control over team dress codes and branding.

The issue has festered since the early ’00s when Baker/Bootleg teamriders sparked outrage and tingled curiosities by donning fitted sportcoats. The latest escapade by Dill, known for provocative fashion choices such as Diesel jeans and nudity, will likely alarm industry observers already concerned about the growing influence of “the man.”

Jason Dill first signaled an embrace of the tuck last summer when he, along with noted dressers Alex Olson and Eli Reed, were spotted tucking in tank-tops at the Maloof Money Factory contest. Dill recently reprised that look at Brandon Biebel’s skatepark where he demonstrated that a more-constricted waistline need not interfere with basketballing feats. But expanding the initiative to include t-shirts opens a new front in the steadily growing furor and presents aging boarders with another dilemma around the already murky standards of conduct in the elder statesman role.

A little over a decade ago Dill spoke of chafing under the norms of mid-90s California skate-code, which required a certain bagginess of pant and support for Wu-Tang Clan singles. Could his venture into tucking shirts reveal similar discomfort with fashion standards that have in the past 10 years more closely aligned with Jason Dill’s personal tastebuds re: tightness and expense? Is this really a big marketing ploy for a new line of FuckingAwesome belt buckles? And will Jason Dill laugh all the way to the bank as five years from now we all vigorously are tucking and he sharply moves to un-tuck in a scenario that is like Dr. Seuss’ cautionary tale about the Sneetches?

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19 Responses to “Jason Dill And His Shirt Raise Important Concerns About Submitting To The Man, Dudes”

  1. ricky schilitiz Says:

    funny, i thought i was reading a skateboard blog, not ‘overly self-indulgent ramblings by a bad writer who is sad that he got rejected from a state college creative writing MFA’

  2. Pulmam Says:

    I’m backin’ it… I think the neck-tie will be the real decider though…

  3. clug Says:

    hilarious. I thought you were going to throw a ‘that may not be the only thing being tucked’ for a minute.

  4. art hellman Says:

    Conservative Christian, right wing Republican, straight, white, American male.
    Gay bashin’, black fearin’, poor fightin’, tree killin’, regional leaders of the South
    Frat housin’, keg tappin’, back slappin’ haters of hippies like me.
    Soul savin’, flag wavin’, Rush lovin’, land pavin’ personal friends to the Quayles

    • lionz Says:

      that’s just reductionism, man…

      • art hellman Says:

        And I don’t wanna be learned
        And I don’t wanna be tamed
        And I don’t wanna be learned
        And I don’t wanna be tamed

        And I don’t wanna be learned
        And I don’t wanna be tamed
        And I don’t wanna be learned
        And I don’t wanna be tamed

  5. thecarbonite Says:

    tucking a shirt into jeans is a big time faux pas, but it’s Dill, maybe he was going for a John Cougar Mellencamp kind of thing…Dill is meta as fuck, he’s so ironic you can’t tell if he’s ironic or unironic

    ps. nice Tucker Max tag

  6. Jonathan Says:

    It’s funny. All that I could think about while watching that particular skateboard clip was how much I liked the skateboarding. Thank you for pointing out the faux pas’ though. I should really go back and reconsider all of the videos I’ve liked from here on out and maybe change my opinion.

  7. ljonz Says:

    love tino’s tailblockslidey thingy

  8. Tim Says:

    This blog is weird to me. I mean, do skateboarders read things? CAN they read things? And even if they can read words, do they understand what they mean?

  9. shit Says:

    The trend is already catching on


  10. mike Says:

    Looks like Ethan Fowler visual sound, he’s even got the slick!

  11. #Trendwatch 2015: Personal Responsibility | boil the ocean Says:

    […] soul-eroding wreckage hath the tucked-in shirt craze of 2011 wrought? Plenty of yesteryear’s rascally character tropes increasingly are unapplicable in a […]

  12. Moreschi Says:

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