Fred Gall Attempts To Wallride Heavy Machinery While Under The Influence Of Being Fred Gall

Serial New Jerseyan and IRS scofflaw Fred Gall long ago cemented his status as one of the most compelling magazine featurees with his legendary interview in Strength. There, he discussed courting police brutality at Ozzfest, fighting in Ohio, going to jail abroad and Lenny Kirk. Fred Gall has been an odds-on favorite to pile out at any given moment for more than a decade now and he continues to surprise us, so maybe it shouldn’t have caught me so off guard when flipping through the new Skateboard Mag there is an account of Fred Gall applying his classic dunderhead approach to what sounds like it would be one of the more jaw-dropping tricks all year and maybe of all time.

When we got to the “spot” the first evening, it became apparent that traffic was moving way too fast for him to … Oh my god! He just jumped on that bus. Well, with the first attempt out of the way and the bus going 30 or so, Fred, who was spun around in the gutter laughing and slightly spooked, looked up and said, “I think that’s too fast, ha ha!” He is a maniac. Everyone was thinking, “We’re going to watch Fred die here and now. Wonderful.” He dusted himself off, grabbed his board, and set up for the next one. You see you have to wait for the right bus with the smooth back end. Maybe one out of every five was the right kind and maybe one out of every twelve was the right speed (anywhere from ten to twenty miles an hour). Needless to say, for the next two nights we spent a lot of time at this spot.

The full-bleed photo on the opposite side is pretty ridiculous, not only for what Fred Gall’s aiming to do, but also that there is a dude A. about two decades deep into his career B. willing to work several nights straight trying this particular move C. at risk of significant bodily harm D. and arrest E. in a foreign country and F. laugh about it. After mulling it over a while I was reminded of the opening seconds of this part where Fred Gall had a brief cameo and pondered the tribute angle, but I’m guessing this was all weighted more toward for the fuck of it. Or fully paying off the federales.

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12 Responses to “Fred Gall Attempts To Wallride Heavy Machinery While Under The Influence Of Being Fred Gall”

  1. GLZA Says:

    Fred talks – we listen.

  2. Random Matt Says:

    Fred Gall = SOTY ’11 (nevermind, it wasn’t in thrasher)

  3. timfeeble Says:

    skimmed thru the mag but didn’t realize that was a moving bus til after your post. thank you for posting this, haha trick of the year 2011.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Gall and Dill for class prez and v.p.

    more recess

  5. Rocuronium Says:

    someone read STRENGTH magazine?

    Well now you have me curious….I’d ask for a link but I doubt even chromeball archives that.

  6. SiSePuede Says:

    his cousin Scott is pretty sick, too.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    fred smokes rocks

  8. online bingo Says:

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    […]Fred Gall Attempts To Wallride Heavy Machinery While Under The Influence Of Being Fred Gall « boil the ocean[…]…

  9. nauka Says:


    […]Fred Gall Attempts To Wallride Heavy Machinery While Under The Influence Of Being Fred Gall « boil the ocean[…]…

  10. Says:

    Hahaha you must be joking.Something like that is nothing but just nonsense.

  11. The Rise of Hazzard County | boil the ocean Says:

    […] The world is unfair. If you are physiologically tall, like Tyshawn Jones, it’s easier to do high jumps up things like the EMB six, even switch. If you are low and short, you possess an inborn advantage when navigating spots like the double duck-under bump to gap that Chris Jones skates in ‘365 Days,’ or not hitting your head in low-ceilinged parking ramps. If you possess super powers, you can bust through walls or save individuals from burning buildings or wallride heavy machinery. […]

  12. “We’re going to watch Fred die here and now. Wonderful.” – Fred Gall wallrides a moving bus | The Warm Up Zone Says:

    […] first heard about it in a Boil the Ocean post that referenced a Skateboard Mag article. When I talked to Freddy about the All the Gall project, […]

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