Diced Pineapples

Looking at the Skateboard Mag the other day, this little Donovan Piscopo interview, and got to fantasizing about tricks. As you do. Folks like Jake Johnson and Wes Kremer recently have been out there taking the wallride to strange new places — what if you were to take Donovan’s grind here, lose the bank underlying the ledge, and a dude just did a wallride into this trick*? Sort of like a pool coping scratcher maybe, but you’d think a body could put their mind to it and lock both 58’s atop the corner for a little bit anyway. Thinking it over a while I started to wonder if I’d actually seen somebody do a trick like this at some point, in a photo or video. Unfortunately due to severely limited capacity and general neglect, my brain is never going to have the cataloging capabilities of a Police Informer or a Chrome Ball or a Vert-Is-Dead. Instead I cast myself upon the mercy of yall. Can anybody recall somebody wallriding up into a ‘vert’ scratcher grind like this, without a bank to start from?

*with or without the grab

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25 Responses to “Diced Pineapples”

  1. Adam Says:

    Tommy Guerrero in Non-Fiction, I believe. He’s awesome, he recently e-mailed me back about a music question I asked him.

    Can I just say that Gonz’s part in Non-Fiction is, to me, arguably his best part. Not taking anything away from Video Days, but the NF part is more appealing. It never fails to get me inspired to skate.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a great Silas Baxter Neal pic like that taken during his SOTY year. Couldn’t find it.

  3. A.o. Says:

    Stefan janoski does one to a regular grind that actually grinds for a second. But i dont remember if its in sb chronicles or habitat origins. Looks really sick.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That TG one is a bank though…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Danny Sargent does a wallride to grind in one of the new deal videos… Its like a slappy on a 2 foot high ledge at emb

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dirty sanchez!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    at 2:38

  8. Anonymous Says:

    also if you don’t know about vis market, this is the best video part you’ll watch in the history of everything

  9. john Says:

    koston does ’em ho-ho, right?

  10. m477 Says:

    Knees up

  11. sk8goat Says:

    what about Forrest Kirby at 1:43?

  12. des Says:

    probably tim jackson maybe only if you count using hands though

  13. josh tim achille friedberg Says:

    your question here is really strange…so, you’re basically just asking what the tallest thing that someone has slappied is? or if someone has slappied a five foot tall wall?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    wow, that dirty sanchez part is amazing. i think the forrest kirby one is the most legit though.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    There was a picture of howard cooke grinding a 7 foot wall with a very small incline hardly a bank in an english mag years ago,one of the best skate photos ive ever seen!

  16. IjustSkate Says:

    Yeah, I aree with AO the biggest one I’ve seen was from Janoski. He does a switch wallride to switch crooks on a 3′ high red ledge located on Haight st in San Francisco. I couldn’t remember where I saw the footage, but it was within the last year.

    • wallace Says:

      that shit that janoskis been running for the last few years is not a switch wallride it’s more of a fakie wallride bonk to switch crook. he gets em pretty high up there, but what he’s doing is hella easier than a legit jake johnson style swithc wallride with all four wheels on the wall at all times. it’s like all those dudes who can’t really wallride but can do these half assed nose ride things. quim and gonz make em look official though.

  17. A.o. Says:

    The only other guy is the slappy king: jason adams. He does it to everything.

  18. sk84fun Says:

    Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell: Donny Diederich does a wallride to backside 50/50 on a ledge in the friends section at the 2:39 mark:

  19. questionable Says:

    a very good question! is it possible to grind on the vertical dimension of a bench?

  20. questionable Says:

    … a normal bs crooked grind could be an unnormal fs nosegrind. daewon could probably do it …

  21. Diced Pineapples III: Nightmares, Dreamscapes And Wallrides To 50-50s | boil the ocean Says:

    […] his ‘dogs’ finally nab one? Eight years ago, a wordy and meandering internet-based weblog page theorized about a person, any person, wallriding up a vertical block, locking both front and back wh… while still in the horizontal/wallride position. It was in many ways a simple dream that […]

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