Block Movement

Recalling a time when world records were giggled at

Element’s newest towheaded amateur Nick Garcia doesn’t entirely stand out from the current generation of ditch-skating ATV types, but there’s a couple things worth checking in this welcome-to-the-team video: namely the opening manual, the half-cab frontside nosegrind and the backside 180 magic-feet maneuver that takes a few rewinds to fully sink in. As far as that manual goes, at a quarter of the video’s runtime it’s probably one for the record books, up there with Hufnagel’s SF city block in “Roll Forever” and Vallely in that one older video I’m having trouble remembering right now. In terms of sheer distance, though, I think the one at the end of “Come Together” still takes the cake, right?

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17 Responses to “Block Movement”

  1. Revolution Mother Says:

    The world vid was ‘Rubbish Heap’- a real classic

  2. adrian Says:

    there was a seriously long nosewheelie in the credit of modern love by green apple, yknow the onne with travis strenger

  3. mdspb Says:

    Daewon does a dumb long manual in the bonus stuff of the World box set also.

  4. shvitz Says:

    Aww, yeah. Chipwich.

  5. el-be-pee Says:

    pretty sure there’s one at the end of the zorlac video (zero hero?) that goes in for days

  6. Captain planet Says:

    I dig that kids style and trick selection. Simple yet precise.

  7. Mostly Says:

    I really hate long manuals. That’s strictly bonus material/credits footage. Shit is boring.

  8. theProgram Says:

    i’m more interested in the spot of the last trick. what the fuck is that for?

  9. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    wil taylor is thinking about manuals in a Texas state penitentiary

  10. dylan Says:

    the bs 180 hippy is crazy, but i hate to be that dude..
    but richie jackson has done those for awhile now

  11. theProgram Says:

    and dylan has nailed the exact reason i don’t give a shit about that trick.

  12. matt lilly Says:

    Ask kenny anderson about the longest nose wheelie he has ever seen

  13. lionz Says:

    I have a vague memory of someone doing a much longer manual in a 411… I think it was in Russia?

  14. Scodie Says:

    i remember some dude in an old Foundation vid that had a first trick manual that was way long…only other thing i remember about the video was the MC Serch song Back to the Grill Again…the grill again.

  15. Mark Says:

    Don’t forget Jim Thiebaud’s opening manny in ‘Speed Freaks’. I remember my jaw dropping as it was so long. I saw it a few years ago and it’s laughably short now.

  16. gnarwahl Says:

    In the Santa Cruz Troops of Tomorrow video some shoeless surfer does a wheelie for like 3 minutes during the credits.

  17. Paul Says:


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