4. Neen Williams – “Chickenbonenowison”

The unscientific layman’s catchphrase known as the “law of averages” teaches us that random outliers become less frequent when spread out over a large enough sampling size. Projecting the 2007 estimate of 13 million U.S. skateboarders, then reported have grown at a 10% clip for each of the three previous years, to rise at a similar rate in an economic climate hostile to hockey equipment purchases puts us around a very rough 19 million today, a crowd that stands in constant danger of tipping into an echo chamber of stock kickflip flicks and natural-transition pivot fakies. For this reason handcrafted tricks like Neen Williams’ heelflips and backside tailslides and backside noseblunt slides (especially to fakie) stand out that much more from the din and Baker’s Deathwish imprint made the most of the dude’s focused mindset by using his awesome footage to anchor their Shake Junt video (Dustin Dollin made a pretty ripping return too). Extra bonus street points awarded for elevating the frontside pop-shove it to ender status, one of the bigger ones I can recall ever seeing. Neen Williams’ skating is well handled by the Baker Boys editing squad who get that really good tricks oftentimes look best without all that varnish and lacquer. Feel like the filming here in particular is on point, something I don’t notice all that much usually, or maybe it’s just how much this dude is killing it here and there.

Also noticing now that we’ve got three nollie varial flips in this list which certainly merits a really really long think piece all on its own.

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9 Responses to “4. Neen Williams – “Chickenbonenowison””

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Jay Burton, Westgate, Pudwill

  2. doomstation55 Says:

    neen’s got more in store for the deathwish vid. If memory serves there’s a Supra ad in which he fs shoves the gap that Lenoce switch ollies for his ender? That could be bananas

  3. 50backflips Says:

    thems some styles on those flip tricks. Wow

  4. Nick-Awful Says:

    im living in chicago originally from PA and Neen does the entire state of Illinois proud with his style, im happy he left Affiliate to move on in the world of skateboarding, Pat Sinner Pasquale and Jon Dickson r all from Illinois its obvious we have some beasts here !!!

  5. Brad K. Says:

    Literally sitting on the edge of my seat hoping every next trick would be another heelflip.

  6. Joshua Ballew Says:

    Ninja steez on those flip tricks. Looking forward to see more from this guy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This part gets more love than Dustin Dollin’s part?

    • albert Says:

      ninja catch and a bigger bag of tricks than just heelflips, this part is one of the most boring in chickenbone.
      dollin’s part could’ve been the frontside 180 into the wooden plate leaning on that wall and the frontside flip into that wall and still’ve been the best.

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