3. Brandon Westgate – Emerica Part

Ancient cavemen surfers were known to coin a phrase, which went something like “when you catch a wave, ride it as long as you can.” Flip knew it, Plan B knew it, Powell for a while knew it and now Bay Stater Brandon Westgate. These past couple years Westgate caught a hell of a wave that may or may not have crested yet, depending on his next moves and how you personally rank homestyle hammers such as tiling a bathroom. For a few different reasons I responded more to this Emerica part released just three or four months past his vast and crushing opener for the “Stay Gold” vid, maybe because it was shorter, more condensed and potent, maybe just because of the last trick. He’s still got his teeth sunk into the San Francisco hills and I think this is some of the most impressive skateboardering this year from a physics perspective, partly cuz you never see a car or motorcycle pulling him up to those bump/bars. Also do we agree at this point to elevate the 360 flip over the bar to the Hall of Kings where it can sit alongside Josh Kalis’ one at the end of “Photosynthesis”?

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9 Responses to “3. Brandon Westgate – Emerica Part”

  1. adrian Says:

    man if this is number 4…..? Maybe youness amrani is number 3??????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if Torey Pudwill’s thrasher part will be one or two

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is noooooo way Youness’s part is ahead of this one. Not even the best part in that video. This part should have been no lower than, say, 2.

  4. al Says:

    my guess is bobby vs. edgar, then schultz.

  5. Jonathan Says:


  6. bote Says:

    all that you say is true: but without the Tortoise, this part would not be what it is. Greg Hunt knew it in ’96…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Busenitz, Grant, or Worrest in any order next 2 spots

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Travis Erickson?

  9. Joshua Ballew Says:

    New Ryan Lay part in one of the top two spots? And I also don’t know how Westgate did NOT win SOTY this year. Phelper is loosing it.

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