2. Grant Taylor – Thrasher SOTY Part

A lot of people did harder tricks and pocketed more soda-pop contest money in 2011 than did Atlanta hatee Grant Taylor but as a Skater of the Year he covers all the critical bases… fast-moving and fearless with little regard for private property and embodying the speed/simple/all-terrain concept that drove a lot of peoples’ skating this year. It seemed like Grant Taylor was doing his floaty frontside ollies, swilling domestic beers and bleeding all over the place in 2011 and the chips all got cashed in with two video parts at the end of the year, but I wound up watching the Thrasher-exclusive one a little bit more partly because of the seven frontside 5-0s, partly because the street edge seemed a little sharper, partly just because of the line at that one humpy spot in China that says up a lot about this dude all by itself. Then the windowsill 5-0 and the boardslide through the curvy handrails with a gap, this dude goes full tilt.

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9 Responses to “2. Grant Taylor – Thrasher SOTY Part”

  1. albert Says:

    not to mention maybe the best frontside disaster in the game

  2. Anonymous Says:

    perhaps the best frontside ollies too. which really, is all you need.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hating on Grant is another way of saying you’ve been skating 3 years and count stairs.

  4. HarryCrews Says:

    Worst SOTY after Silas. The guy is as interesting as cardboard put him beside Trujillo for all the confirmation you need.

  5. KDP Says:

    I’d have picked his Nike part over this by infinity.
    Also, no inclusion of Nick Boserio??

  6. Watson Says:

    I fucking love Grant Taylor but can hardly even watch this section on account of the nu-Motley-Crue bro-metal fucking garbage. Get your shit together Thrasher.

  7. trees dallas Says:

    A good example…

    And so let me reveal another demonstration of precisely what Louis was referring to…

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