Did He Or Didn’t He? The True Story Of How A Ledge Trick Tom Penny Did 10 Years Ago Continues To Baffle Investigators

Yall seen this recent spate of lost Tom Penny footage, no doubt sending the original VHS-dubber of the semi-legendary “Penny Files” tape to check his watertight plastic tub for scratch marks, sleeve rips or other signs of six-foot-under rotations. The above Vimeo clip is a good footnote to the “Sorry” revival period as he transitioned from the mid-90s apex to the XXL solid-color tee era, and all the matching sneakers and doo-rags that came with it.

However, for a dude famed for languid movements and lackadaisical attitude towards life in general this clip boasts one of the most illusory optics ever captured on DV cassette since Satva Leung’s famed hell-welcoming switch frontside flip — I pose to you the question, does Tom Penny or does he not shove-it out of the backside 5-0 at 2:08 above? After about a dozen passes I’m fairly sure that he does, but hard to be 100% without one of Spike Jonze’s massive slow-mo cameras.

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16 Responses to “Did He Or Didn’t He? The True Story Of How A Ledge Trick Tom Penny Did 10 Years Ago Continues To Baffle Investigators”

  1. Timothy Olson Says:

    Yep. totally shoved.

  2. Johnnie Says:

    The way his shoulders move says he shoved it. But looking closely, frame by frame, no actual spinning of the board is taking place.

  3. JT49 Says:

    At 02:11 you can see he is in back tail and from there it’s a quick shove it down. So bs 5-0 to bs tail shove out.

  4. David Says:

    Totally shoves – if he didn’t, the 90° repositioning of the board back to forward would be really noticeable. Also, keep your eye on his back foot, it does a pretty clear little hop / shift as it catches the nose.

  5. Zottli Says:

    Where the technological fails, the corporeal guides.

  6. formeitscrazylike Says:

    Hold down space bar for slow-mo. Most definitely shoves out of it.

  7. Zottli Says:


  8. Zottli Says:

    Dahhh, copy/paste the address ^^^, i think its fairly conclusive evidence of a shove.

  9. intheknow Says:


  10. art hellman Says:

  11. phil collins Says:

    its all fake

  12. Anonymous Says:

    wow!!! the spacebar thing works. complete shove. Boils…. holy fuck. amazing.

  13. REID Says:

    Satva Leung is the greatest!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    satva tag was kool. adrian lopez woulda been good too.

  15. JMH&%) Says:

    at about 0:01, nobody cares. the well documented beginning of the end for mr. penny starts with the first head wrap, is complete by the elmer fudd cap.

  16. deluxxxe Says:

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