2. Nick Matthews – ‘HUF Welcomes Nick Matthews To The Team’

Imagine having committed to longterm body memory the exact combination of torso contortion, forefoot balance, ankle flick and split-second timing such that you now possess Pupecki grind kickflips out on command, the way Chicagoland’s Nick Matthews seems to have done. No longer the most feared flow dude in circulation, Huf became the first big operation to take the increasingly obvious step of elevating Nick Matthews to its formal team and presumably mailing out the first of what ought to be years and years of cheques. These and other payments are required to formally recognize the sheer difficulty of the things he repeatedly has done over the past couple years and continued to do here — ranging from a gargantuan street gap, the incredible block-to-block backside lipslide, to a fakie blunt to fakie and switch heelflip frontside blunt, in a line — Steve Durante level. Nick Matthews’ laser-eyed gaze is a smart match for any of the companies supplying him with equipment, but especially Huf, which consistently has delivered some of the best-constructed* videos in recent memory.

*if lazily titled

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4 Responses to “2. Nick Matthews – ‘HUF Welcomes Nick Matthews To The Team’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    love the Durante mention… first thing I thought of when I first saw this part. btw. this part definitely deserves top 5 ranking in everyone’ s lists

  2. Jo El Says:

    Until I just watched this part, I didn’t realize this was a different “Mathews” than Josh, on Huf. The dangers of skimming titles.

  3. Mxy Says:

    Thank you for this one. Love this part.

  4. 10. Caleb McNeely – ‘CALEB’ | boil the ocean Says:

    […] and Caleb McNeely adds another block-to-block gap to backside lipslide to the Huf archives after Nick Matthews’ beauty last year and more recent tribute in […]

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